A's @ Astros, October 2, 2021

Kemp leads off with a single of Odorizzi.

If SF clinches today they’ll do it in walk off fashion.

2-2 bottom 9.

Juan Soto sac fly ties it up vs Boston, 1-1 top 9


Marte with a triple(?).

Kemp scores.

Ball was toward the gap, Yordan races over and got a glove on it.

Ball stopped, Yordan didn’t.

mass x velocity came into play there

To the 10th in SF.

Division up for grabs and there’s be ghost runners involved.

Jake follows up a K by giving up a double top the wall by Pinder.


Well, Odo is certainly killing it in his playoff roster tryout. And by it I mean his chances.

Dude is throwing fucking puss.


He doesn’t want the brass to think too long about things.

Another meatball.

But it’s an F7.

That 83 mph spinner at the top of the zone was my favorite non-smoked pitch he threw.

Gonna take the dog for a walk, I expect to be down by at least 5 when I get back.

They’re delayed in Chicago.

TLR fell asleep in his car.

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Altuve singles thru the left side

3-1 Red Sox top 9, Soto had a chance to make a play on a liner, took a bad route, went over his glove for a 2-out RBI triple. Would have been a great play but it was makeable.

Yordan! Astros lead 3-2

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We need a bunch of individual slumps ended to get postseason momentum

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I hope we hit a few 3 run homers in this game

That was a welcome sight from Yordan

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We owe Blackburn for his last start against us.

He finished strong last night.

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