Arlington at Astros,, July 25, 2023

Here’s what the Dusty Lineup Randomizer has in store:

2b Dubon
SS Peña
RF Tucker
3b Bregman
1b Abreu
CF McCormack
DH Diaz
LF Julks
C Maldonado

P France

By all means, let’s give Peña more AB than the hottest hitter in the league.

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Still no Yordan either. It’s fucking bizarre. He finished his rehab but there has been no update as to what’s going on with him. It’s starting to give me Brantley vibes from earlier this year. I hope like hell I’m wrong.

You shut your damn mouth.


Yordan took BP today and worked in the outfield. I’m not sure why they are being this cautious, but it’s not a Brantley situation.

I believe Alvarez, and perhaps Altuve too, is going to be in the lineup tomorrow. I think I saw that tweet from either McTaggert or Rome.

Edit: found this….


At this point, I’ll believe it when I see them step on the field (or in the batter’s box).

Same. We’ve seen the “hopefully in the lineup tomorrow” thing go awry before.

Vamos los Astros

France 1-2-3 on 5 pitches

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France with a nice 5-pitch first

Bullpen game for the Rangers, would be quite nice to get into it early and often

If it’s a bullpen game, aren’t they technically already in it?

If I’m here and you’re here, isn’t it ‘our time’?

I like Peña in the 2-hole

So when does the pizza arrrive?

Of course, Peña gets destroyed by three fastballs right down the center square.

How is Jankowski +4 in outs above average? I guess he can go get ‘em, because he sure isn’t doing it with his arm.

He needs to get out of this funk, soon would be nice

I like it when the Strangers go 1-2-3, but not when we do it

Since June 9th, Peña has two extra base hits.