Aquamen at Astros, 7/31/22

Odorizzi with a clean first.

Altuve HBP, Yuli single moves him to third; Alvarez K swinging
Astros execute the double steal, Altuve scores
Bregman K looking
Tucker singles to left, Yuli scores
Suarez boots a grounder from Pena, Tucker safe at third
Chas walks on 4 pitches, loading the bases
Jake K swinging

Astros get two but leave 3 stranded. End 1, Astros 2-0

Diaz sits while we play a LF who does not hit RHP and a CF who does not hit anyone.

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I just tuned in, is that Bogusevic subbing for Sparks on the radio broadcast?

Yeah, I think it is.

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Am I the only one who thinks the Altuve HBP was intentional?? I am listening on radio so I didn’t see it, but after last night I expect that from Servais.

2nd inning:

Odorizzi 1-2-3 again

Lee lines out to center, Altuve bounces to second
Yuli bounces one off the pitcher that ricochets into RF for a double
Yordan K looking

My question as well.

I’ll go the assumption it was intentional and continue to think that Servais is an asswipe.


I think it was payback for Rodriguez. Of course, Toro hit for him so they should thank the Astros, not retaliate.

ETA: swing the bat, Yordan.

Gurriel and Bregman now both have a better average than Tucker.

For some reason I thought this game started at 3pm.

1:10 pm. Someone on here said 3 last night or today, but it was 1:10.

Meyers is helpless right now. That was ball four.

I don’t see how you can have Meyers and McCormick in the same lineup, especially against RHP.

Agreed…while Diaz sits.

So about that Volkswagen ad, doesn’t the oblivious guy with the phone have the right-of-way? He’s in the crosswalk.

Middle 6, Odorizzi has only allowed 2 hits

Maybe it has to do with the trade deadline?

Showcasing our young OF/weak hitters?

Fuck me

Son of a bitch