Apropos of nothing

Sitting here watching the Angels play their second series against the A’s.

The Astros have actually had a really difficult schedule to start this season.

White Sox 7-18 disaster of a team
Tigers 9-14 ditto
Twins 14-11 1st place ALC
Pirates 18-8 1st place NLC
Rangers 14-10 1st place ALW
Blue Jays 16-9
Braves 17-9 1st place NLE
Rays 20-5 1st place ALE
2 bad teams 5 current division leaders and a 16-9 team.
According to baseball reference the Astros have had the 3rd hardest schedule so far, the next hardest schedule for a team over .500 is the Pirates at 11th hardest.

Being 14-11 against that schedule with the guys were missing is pretty fucking good, actually.


Yep. Perspective is a good thing.

Beating the Rays with Garcia and Brown and two shutouts sans Altuve and Alvarez should have gotten everyone’s attention.


10 of the Angels 14 wins have come against the worst teams in their divisions.

5 against the A’s.
2 against the Nationals.
2 against the Royals.
1 against the Red Sox. They lost 3 of 4 against the Red Sox.

Any loss to the A’s should count double. For anyone.

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They have five VERY hard fought wins!

Their team ERA is 7.97.

That is not a typo.

Per mlb.com, it’s actually 8.01.

Maybe it’s an up to the minute thing. I looked at FanGraphs.

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They gave up 8 runs in 8 innings pitched today, so yeah, that should be it. I think fangraphs updates every morning.


They make the 2013 Astros look like the 2017 Astros.

To the gentleman’s point:


Dear God.

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I watched the last 2 innings of the Yankees/Rangers game.

2 innings of Dave Raymond was 1.2 innings too long.


Yankees 4 Rangers 2

On the plus side, the Astros move into a tie atop the division.


The CWS held the Rays to 14 tonight.
The Ray’s RF took the mound for the last three outs.

I can’t watch their broadcast with the sound up.

Oh now that’s funny.

Position player pitched for the winning team.

Definitely passing that note along to my Chisox buddy.

Much like the Astros the last 7 years, a couple of zeros just makes me think, “oh man, some poor team is going to destroyed while this lineup takes their frustration out on them”

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He also homered
Shades of Othani.

I lived in the Metroplex for years. I know of which you speak.
For years, until his premature passing, Mark Holtz was very good at PBP.