Another No-hitter

ICYMI, 4 Cubbies pitchers with the combined no-no last night against the Dodgers in LA. 2021 ties the modern era record of 7 for most no hitters in a season and we haven’t even reached the half way point of the season.

Pretty freaking incredible.

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Suck it, LA.

Also FTC.

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But they’ve got Muncy and Bellinger back. Everybody tells me they’re invincible now. How could this have happened?

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Plus Buehler was pitching. There’s really only one possible explanation.

The Astros cheated.

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Has a defending champion ever been nohit before?

Happens all the time.


The Dodgers are the first reigning World Series champion to be no -hit since the 2013 Giants were no -hit by the Reds’ Homer Bailey on July 2. Others in the last 50 years were the 2012 Cardinals, 1990 Athletics, 1974 Athletics and 1973 Athletics.

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All the time for California teams I guess

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I forget all the time that the Dodger won the joke of a World Series after that joke of a season. They need an asterisk next to that cheap ass championship.