Angels at Astros, September 12, 2021

Lance Berkman Day at MMPUS (one of his daughters had covid during the prior game/ceremony so they waited until the whole family could be there).

The other Lance threw a cement mixer in the 5th and we’re tied at 1.

Astros loaded the bases with 2 outs in the 4th but Bregman flew out to right.

Correa had a nice play on a liner in the 5th.

Also bases loaded in the 1st with one out but did not score.

Yuli with a 3 hit day.


2 run bomb into the far part of the home bullpen.

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Astros lead 3-1 after 5.

Here’s the Correa play from the top of the frame:

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Shut the fuck up, Kalas.

Clean 6th for Lance.

Stanek warming.

Stanek pitching the 7th.

LMJs line: 6 IP 3 H, 7 K, 3 BB, 1 R

102 pitches, 67 strikes

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Stanek dotted up 98 on a 3-2 count to get Grizzly Adams.

Another K on a good slider.

6-3 takes us to the stretch.

Dumb send.


Yuli gets another hit as RFer gets the rug pulled out from under him.

An absolutely ridiculous send by Lopez sees Bregman out by a mile at home.

Yuli to second. Tucker iBB and now a pitching change.

Probably a bad send for any runner, but definitely the guy who missed 2 months with a quad injury.


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Bregman was running only a little faster than jogging going second to third.

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Correa with 2 out 2 on, lines out to CF.

Graveman pitches the 8th.

Lagares walks
Fletcher hits into a FC
Ohtani singles
Gosselin Ks on a foul tip
Walsh lines out to left

Diaz flies out to deep CF
Chas flies out to deep RF
Maldonado pops out to second

To the 9th