Angels at Astros, September 11, 2021

Garcia throwing nothing but puss. It’s 4-0 Angels with one out in the top of the third. So far seven hits for LAAA and zero for the Astros.

I’m not sure which shitty game to pay more attention to.

Me either. Tech is humiliating themselves vs SFA.

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Garcia looked the best that he’s looked all day on his third time through the order with a clean fourth inning.

So SFA’s QB isn’t throwing interceptions?

Jose Siri at bat.

Did something happen to Brantley?

No word, yet.

And, he gets the Astros first hit of the game.

Siri works the count full. Singles to RF.

Siri is picked off, but somehow gets in there at 2B.

No, Tech’s quarterback is. Two int. with a pick-6.




Singles sharply to right


Yuli is safe on a fielder’s choice 6-5. Bregman forced at 3B. Siri scores. 4-1.


Grounds to short on the first pitch. Inning over.

Brantley left due to right knee discomfort.

Top 5


Walks on four pitches that weren’t close.


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Amputation will be scheduled after the swelling subsides.