Angels at Astros, June 2, 2023

Yordan with a 2 run homer in the first. After 1.5 innings 1-0 Astros.

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I like settling in for the game and seeing a 2 run lead.

Leadoff double, K, then a hbp with 2 strikes.

2 on for the Angels with Ohtani up.

Big punch out there

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3 pitch K gets Ohtani.

Trout up with 2out…

Get the due up graphic off my tv.


Got him!

La Grasa gets out of the jam with a couple of big Ks.

I fucking hate that.

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9-1-2 hitters do nothing.

End 3

A couple of ground balls get thru the IF’s right side.

2-on no outs


Now let’s roll one Framber.

Framber is the man.

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Thanks Framber

That’s what aces do.

When he first came up I figured he’d be another guy with a crazy good curve and a monkey on Red Bull running around between his ears.

But he is one fucking bulldog of a competitor.


Great interview. Amazing technology to make it possible.


2 out singles from Tucker and Abreu.

Abreu smacked his pretty good.

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The adaptive technology is really amazing.

Losing the ability to speak is particularly cruel. Getting a voice back means so much.


Chas dribbler eats the SS up.

Loaded for Julks.