Angels at Astros April 24, 2021

Training staff out to check on Odorizzi.

He’s done after 1 batter.

Saw him stretch his forearm (extend the arm, pull back on fingers) during the AB.

He has been a great pickup so far.

Too bad. Shoulder or elbow issue?

Forearm would be my guess based on what he was stretching

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Emanuel ready to make his MLB debut

Just run-of-the-mill forearm discomfort


Carlos demolished that FB.

Carlos leads off with a homer!

That ball was pretty murdered

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For those that missed it, the pitch was a 95 mph FB on the inside corner (maybe even off smidge) that he absolutely dropped the hammer on and launched to the tracks.

Brantley walk, Bregman single thru the left side.

First pitch to Alavare is airmailed, runners move up.

Official scoring decision: wild pitch

What other determination could it be?

Yordan smokes one to center, Brantley scores, Bregman stops at 3rd.

Keep the line moving boys.

Yuli hits into a DP but Bregman scores.

More like softly taps into a DP.

Tucker 3U.

3-0 after 1.

Tucker is 2 for his last 31 ABs

Pujols homer.