Angels at Astros, 8/11/23

2b Altuve
3b Bregman
LF Alvarez
RF Tucker
DH Diaz
CF Dubon
1b Singleton
SS Peña
C Maldonado

P Verlander

WTH does Dubon have to play CF when JV pitches? I get Maldonado, but the two of them means one of your best hitters will sit.

You’re asking us to explain Dusty’s choices? You know better than that. Although Chas’s knee may still be bothering him.

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I’m assuming Chas’s absence is still physical, not simply the vicissitudes of Dusty’s strategy of lineup making.

I think it’s more interesting that Jose Abreu is out of the lineup in place of Singleton for the second straight game.

I read somewhere, maybe here, that Abreu is dealing with some sort of injury.

You’re right. His lower back flared up before yesterday’s game.

Middle discomfort.

Chas said before Thursday’s game that his knee wasn’t bothering him and that he’d be back in there Friday. Guess not.

Back issues for Abreu reported yesterday.

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Any time you have a chance to not have Chas in the linup vs a lefty, you gotta take it

Before JV’s last start, Dusty said he likes Dubon in CF because he’s got the best arm and can prevent runners taking extra bases since “you know it’s going to be a close low scoring game when he pitches.”

No comment on how putting inferior offensive players in the lineup contributes to close low scoring games.


I see no correlation

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Does Dubon have a substantially better arm than Chas out there? With all the time he’s spent at 2B this year I’ve kind of lost my sense for what it looks like from CF. I don’t remember it being a cannon, though I think he made at least one pretty good throw in JV’s last start.

He has a good arm at short, I don’t remember how it stacks up in center

In the NYY game, he made a strong but innacurate throw to 3B on a SacFly and also made a strong one to get Stanton at home, which was not that big of an accomplishment.

First in person game this year for me.



Top of 1st - (Until someone wants it…)

Pop to Altuve
GO to Altuve
Fly out in front of scoreboard to Jordan

10 of 13 pitches by Verlander strikes!

Bot 1st - No score

Jamned the big man pretty good there.

Bot 1st - no score

Tuve - 0-2 single to LC
Bregs - 3-0, BB; 'Tuve to 2B
Yordan Yooosh!, Fly out to LF, 1 out