Angels at Astros, 7/2/22

3-0 after 2 out bases loaded single from Meyers.

The outside corner is not in play with this ump.

Why the hell’s this chicken fried clambake not on

Blue is calling that outside low corner balls constantly. Urquidy better pay attention.

@afidb, jinx.

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3-0 mid 2

It’s listed as available on my app.

Blacked out of course.

Maldy to the tracks!

“At least I’ll have one out when the top of the order comes back around and oh my God he hit that to Mexico”

-Sandoval, probably


I swear I called that hr

Altuve doubles to the pen in left…

Peña K, Altuve swipes 3rd.

Yordan caught napping.

Peña possibly does not yet possess the ideal plate discipline for a two hole hitter.

Bregman gets it done with a bloop.


Stros did pretty good with Altuve hitting 2nd

That is Brantley’s spot.

Wow, Bregman .172 v LHP.

Tucker victimized by the shift.

5-0 after 2

That average is totally shocking to me, had no idea.

Some inexplicable stats with this team.

Their numbers after leadoff doubles come to mind.

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