Angels at Astros, 6/3/23

Javier starts off wild but settles down for a scoreless first.

Dubón, on review, beats out an infield single.
Peña grounds into a fielders choice.
Yordan hits a laser knocked down by the first baseman, Peña to 2B
Bregman works a walk
Abreu drops a single into CF, Peña scores!
Chas pops to the visitor dugout to end the inning

End 1, Astros 1-0

Javier with a nice brisk 1-2-3 inning

Julks with a routine fly to RF
Meyers strikes out swinging on 2-2
Maldy works a walk, Sandoval laboring a bit
Dubón grounds first pitch for a 5-4 inning ender

End 2, 1-0 Astros

That Ohtani is pretty good. Too bad he’s such a whiner

Javier and Astros own Trout. Wow.

Rengifo grounds one in the hole, Pena drops it but probably goes at an infield hit
Livan Soto pops to LF on a hit and run, Julks can’t throw the runner out at 1b
Ohtani with a RCF gapper that rattles around for a triple, Rengifo score. Tie game.
Javier with a big strikeout on Trout!
Drury strikes out and Ohtani is left at third

Mid 3, 1-1

Chas with an RBI double.

Pena leads off with a double under the home run pump
Yordan strikes out swinging at one 6 inches outside
Sandoval throws one to the backstop, for some reason Pena doesn’t advance
Bregman walks on 3-1
Abreu waves at a 1-2 pitch in the dirt
Chas lines one into the LF corner! Pena scores, runners to 2nd and 3rd. 2-1 Astros!
Julks lines out to LF

End 3, Astros 2-1

Shut your damn mouth

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You are right. I absolutely should know better.

I humbly beg forgiveness of BBG and prostrate myself so as to hope my team is not punished.

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Javier works around a double in the 4th but that pitch count is over 75 already. Just hoping they can get a sixth inning from him but it looks unlikely.

The Angels have collapsed defensively this inning. After an E6 loads the bases, Sandoval completely neglects covering first and Nevin immediately goes to pull him.

B4, pitching change, 3-1 Astros

Walsh never breaks his stare at Sandoval as he walks the ball to the mound after Jordan’s “single”…



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That caterpillar on his lip may look hideous, but a player on a streak respects the streak.

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Vaunt, you magnificent bastards. Vaunt.

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Only a HR in 1 park lol

For some reason, that E6 off Pena’s bat was ruled a hit.

Chas fouls one off the roof