Angels at Astros 5/22/24

Scoreless through 1

Brown goes 123 in the first

Yodan doubles but gets stranded

Brown pitching

Calhoun - 6-3
Adell - 5-3
Thaiss - walks on 5 pitches
Neto - 5-3

No score

Mr Anderson pitching

Pena - 5-3
Singleton - K looking
Meyers - 4-3

Still no score

Brown’s FB seems to have serious arm-side run today. That’s been both good and bad.

Brown pitching

Moniak - F8
Paris - walks the 9 hole
Schanuel - singles past 1B, runners at the corners
Rengifo - dribbles to Altuve who GOES HOME call out at the plate for now, will be reviewed

Looks out

Call stands 1st and 2nd 2 out

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Ward - P4

No score

When that play happened I was just hoping to get the runner at 2nd.

Anderson pitching

Dubon - P6
Caratini - doubles off the glove of Adell in RF, should have been caught
Altuve - L7
Tucker - P5

Astros leave another at 2B

No score after 3

Same. I had no thought of that throw going home

Brown pitching

Calhoun - 3U
Adell - blown up 1-3
Thaiss - 4-3

No score

Oh, good, Bregman and his .212 average is batting cleanup while Kyle Tucker and his 17 home runs is batting 2nd. You’d figure your leading HR hitter would be hitting in an RBI position in the lineup. Evidently we like hitting our lowest average there.

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Anderson pitching

Alvarez - K swinging
Bregman - P6
Pena - Crwaford Box special! Hit it really hard to be fair, will review it though

Overturned, Pena gets a double

Well that was nice while it lasted.

Also the delayed strike 3 call by the HPU was really irritating.

Singleton - K looking. Again.

Astros leave a runner at 2B for the third time in 4 innings.

No score after 4

When a HR call gets overturned, MLB should really send out a correction to their score notifications

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Brown pitching

Neto - K looking
Moniak - walks on 10th pitch
Paris - homers to left center

That pitch was served up on a tee.