Angels @ Astros, September 11, 2022

Garcia pitching. We could really use a good strong start from him to give the bats a chance and we’re down 2 nothing.


Weird how FBs knee high splitting the plate end up in the stands.

I don’t understand how Altuve can make the most bone-headed baserunning mistakes. He’s a great ballplayer, but sometimes he seems as dumb as a stump.

I missed it.

What was it this time?

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Leadoff double by Tucker wasted.

3-0 after 2.

Bouncer to third bobbled and then thrown away. Altuve makes his turn out into the outfield grass, and after about a day and a half decides to try for second, where he’s out by 30 feet.

I’m at the game and literally every Astro has looked disinterested in this game so far.

Ground ball to 3rd, 3B fumbles the ball, makes a poor throw that bounces past the 1B, Altuve runs down the line, looks at the ball from somewhere out in right field and decides that now is a good time to go for 2nd. You can see the catcher picking up the ball as Altuve heads off. It’s just just incredibly stupid. Anyway, the catcher throws the ball to the waiting SS at 2nd, and Altuve is out by literally 10 feet. That’s not an exaggeration, either: he was literally 10 feet away and still running when the SS received the ball. The SS just stood there and placed his glove in front of the bag and waited. Altuve at least had the good manners to do a perfunctory slide to kill his momentum and then trotted back to the dugout.

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Leadoff double by Ohtani.

Garcia continues to underwhelm.

Anyone still demanding Mancini be in the lineup every day?

I’m going to games next weekend, can you tell them to pep up a bit by then?

Dubon with two absolutely terrible routes in CF for a double and a triple.

Is Jake showing any signs of life in Sugarland? Or do we just have to wait for next year for him?

Angels also squander their double.

Even if he rakes I would have no confidence he’ll perform well this season. He needs to heal.

Fisher dominated in AAA every time he went down.

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Dubon found that corner

Dubón homers to the CBs and stumbleds awkwardly around the bases.


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“But he’s better than Chas.” – Dusty, probably

Bases juiced after Yordan takes a slider in the bum.