Angels @ Astros June 4, 2023

No score after one

Bregman with a lead off single in the 2nd…

Chas HBP. Two on, one out for Diaz…

Up to Jake…

I got it… no you take it.

Jake works it full…and pops up.

No score.

End of three….still 0-0

Trout draws a 1-out walk in the fourth. Angels’ first base runner

Double play ends the inning. France has faced 12 through four. No score.

I dropped France from my Mihoba Fantasy team after his last outing.

Bregman with another knock…a 1-out single to LF

End of four…no score

Another 1-2-3 inning for France.

Halfway…no score


1-0 Astros

Chris Devenski is his name.

End of five…1-0 Astros


Angels get their first hit, a solo home run from Rengifo and the lead lasts one batter.

I watched all 22 innings of that game and all 13 the next day. Which was the same day.

I miss HSE.

Let’s get this rookie some fucking runs!

7 strong from JP.

Now get the young man some runs.