Angels @ Astros, April 19, 2022

Keep the line moving…

The FTY starter had a rough 1.2 innings.

It’s a borderline pitch not a flaming bag of poop.

You don’t have to recoil in horror.


Ohtani flies out F8
Ward grounds out 3U
Rendon singles to CF
Duffy bounces out 4-3

No score, Astros coming to bat

I asked last night night if Peña could be a leadoff man. Guess we’re about to get a first look.


Peña…0-2…foul…strikes out swinging
Brantley…full count…strikes out swinging
Bregman pops up F4

No score


Diaz needs to scoop that.

Difficult body angle.

Can’t imagine being a Halo fan and watching Adell play regularly


Mayfield bounces back to the mound
Adell…0-2…doubles to LF, Suzuki to 3B…hanger right down the middle
Marsh lines out to LF, Suzuki tags and scores as the throw goes to 2B…good throw gets him as Adell had gone almost all the way to 3B, but the throw bounces and Diaz can’t pick it.
Velasquez strikes out swinging

1-0 Angels

Adell looked like he tried a header on that ball.

Adell is so terrible. I was wondering if he would know which way to go to get to first. He does. Surprisingly, he also knows which way to go to get to third, he just doesn’t know when to try to get there.


Alvarez pops out to 2B on the first pitch
Gurriel doubles off the LCF wall on the first pitch
Tucker…battling…works it full…strikes out swinging
Diaz pops out to 2B

1-0 Angels

Astros have made six outs…three strikeouts and three pop ups to 2B

Nice dp


Ohtani…full up…draws a lead off walk
Ward grounds into 5-4-3 double play
Rendon grounds out 5-3

1-0 Angels

I like Peña’s quick release.

Perfect pitch to catch a runner.

It was still a good decision to send Chas.