Angels @ Astros, 7/1/2022

sorry, it’s been a long ass day

Howdy from 126 row 35. Go Astros!


Not all series talk.

Well shit

That was…spanked

That did not take long.

Hanging slider right down the center, and Ohtani deposits it in the upper deck.


He pitched him too tentatively.

Middle of one…one mistake 3-2 pitch…1-0 Angels

I don’t mind the way he pitched him, but you have to bury that slider. Can’t leave it up over the middle of the plate.

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That’s ok…had to score anyway

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It was square in the middle of the left-hand happy zone.

Altuve draws a 4-pitch lead off walk

Come on, rook, make him throw a strike

This could be a frustrating evening.

Peña hacking, strikes out swinging

Tucker got a fat hanger on a tee and missed it

Tucker singles to LF, Altuve to 2B

Geez, Bregman