Angel Hernandez Wrong Call Again

The Athletic is reporting ($) that - MLB has dropped a letter in their filings for Hernandez’s discrimination case that Angel stayed on an investigative call after he was supposed to drop off.

According to MLB legal filings Friday in the lawsuit, after the July 24 Rays-Red Sox contest, the league under then-chief baseball officer Joe Torre launched an investigation into the confusion and interviewed the umpires involved in the game. Torre then later claimed Hernandez did not get off the phone when his interview ended and listened to the interview of umpire Ed Hickox. MLB conducted a separate call with Hernandez on Aug. 19 to question him on the alleged eavesdropping.

This call was about the game that had a 20 minute delay because Angel didn’t know the DH rule about a pitcher moving to a position and It also goes on to lay out a list of Hernadez’s failings as an ump over the years that are included in the filing, such as:
Having 3 calls overturned in the first 4 innings of a 2018 playoff game between the MLB darling Yankees and Red Sox, Being observed throwing his headset after a call was overturned, and the big one being trying to get Homer Bailey to autograph 11 balls for the umpiring crew the day after his no hitter in 2012, including even having the MLB authentication guy present for the signing.

Hernandez’s lawyer says MLB is attacking the victim.

Hernandez’ case is hampered by two technicalities: He’s a lying scumbag, and he’s an epically, historically, astonishingly bad umpire.