Amidst all this misery, a smile and a laugh

Check out last night’s NYY game, and pay special attention to the 9th inning.


Nice way to bookend a game when you give up 7 in the first, go score 7 in the 9th. Couldn’t have happened to a better relief pitcher too.


Buzzers are everywhere!


My absolute favorite thing about this game is the insane circumstances around who played:

Ohtani, MLB’s current darling, didn’t make it out of the first and didn’t do shit in his only at bat.

Judge was resting on the bench, and never even got a PH at bat.

So not only did the HUGE AMAZING MLB SUPERSTARS part of the game not pan out, but the Yankees also absolutely gagged on it after having a commanding lead the entire game.


Yankee skipper Aaron Boone after last night’s game, everyone:

“You kidding me man,” the Yankees skipper said emphatically. “Knock it the heck off. If the planet’s existence is on the line, I’m going with Aroldis Chapman over anyone. Even Mariano Rivera. Easy.”

If I were making a list of Aaron Boone character traits, “smart” would probably show up right after “not swarthy-looking at all”.


I watched Chapman’s entire inning on and man, his slider was loopy and his fastball was all over the place.

Almost like… he was having a hard time… gripping the ball.


The grand slam was a breaking pitch that rolled and was on a tee.

“… as long as he doesn’t face Jake Marisnick.”


Easy for him to say when he doesn’t have Rivera as an option. Such bullshit.

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The fucking height of stupidity no matter how you slice it:

I would put “Sounds a lot like Ben Shapiro” somewhere in the top half.

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