Altuve and Biggio

I’m stunned that Altuve is in his 12th big league year. I keep thinking he’s still in his 3rd or 4th season. Along with Biggio, we’ve been spoiled with two of the finest second baseman ever over an extraordinary run. Plus Doran. Plus Morgan. Plus Kent. Maybe second base has consistently been the Astros strongest non-pitching position.

Anyway, I was surprised that Altuve has 1902 hits, and baseball gods willing might hit 2000 next year. Just to give perspective, Biggio did that in his 14th year, so faster but close. Altuve has hit for a a higher average and more power than Biggio, but Biggio walked more and got hit more often by pitches.

Biggio reached his 3000th hit in 2007. It would be great if Altuve could have as long of a run.


Worth noting also that Biggio reached 2,000 hits at age 35, if Altuve does it next season he’ll have gotten there at 33. Altuve has a shot at 3,000 but he’s going to have to age pretty gracefully

I thought early in the season that he was in his declining years already. Maybe not.

The leadoff slot grants him more opportunities. I doubt his plate approach will change, so 2000 and beyond is an open question

Coincidentally, I was prompted by Witt’s joining the 20/20 club last night to look up some Biggio stats and found this article. I knew bits and pieces of many of these stories, but had not seen this article before.

Craig Biggio – Society for American Baseball Research

(and Biggio had >/= 20 HRs and >/= 20 steals in '95, '97, and '98, and Altuve in '16 and '17).

He also had 50 SB’s and 50 doubles in a season. The only other player to do that was Tris Speaker in 1912, Biggio 1998. That ball sure tried to target him, once it left the pitchers hand.

Perhaps the most amazing Biggio thing among many amazing things; 1997 - no hits into double plays.


Thanks for the link.
Didn’t know Doran spent a weekend in 2nd base prep for Biggio… (Footnote 16)

Real good. I grew up a Munson fan also as a kid.