All Star Game

So Correa and Altuve are staying home. Altuve says it is to rest an leg injury. Correa is being a family first kinda guy. IMO this is a good old middle finger at MLB. It has created this issue by making the Astros a scapegoat for the cheating scandal. Why would they choose to get booed upon introduction at an All Star game when they can be taking a break and spending time with family.


I wanted them to rest so I’m glad they are. I’ll good if Presley and Brantley do the same.


Glad they’re sitting it out.

Why subject themselves to idiots on a national stage while everyone standing to their left or right was doing something similar?


I hope they all stay home.

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I hope Yuli gets to go. Or at least gets invited.


I guess that would be nice for Yuli, and if that is something he desires, I hope it comes true for him. Having said that, I couldn’t care less. I won’t be watching any of that crap.

I hope they stand in unison and all stay home. Pressly and Brantley have been there before.

They could use the rest and it can be a huge screw you to MLB and all the hypocrites that play or administer the game that know the score and offered the Astros up to save their asses.

Yuli would be the only one that I hope gets named. This could be his last chance and it would be nice.

But it would be nicer if he gets named and then stays home !!


I know I am living in a fantasy world but I wish someone would actually have ethics and stand up and do the right thing.


Not sure if it’s all about ethics but Brantley is bowing out due to injury and Pressly for paternity.

Good for them. This is not coincidental.


I’m good with them resting.


What injury?

Right side. Didn’t he sit a couple days last week or so?

I don’t care if they go. I always want them to rest.

Fuck Manfred.


Yeah, he did. Was worried it was something new that I hadn’t heard about.

I’m glad they’re all staying home.

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Maybe they’ll rest, but rest will be incidental. This is the Astros thumbing their noses at MLB, and I love it. Not one selected a starter, and boos will rain down when they are introduced. Stay home.

Fuck the All Star game. It has become a media circus and nothing more.


Good. Everybody can rest up for the second half. Fuck their pointless circus.

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Oh fuck. This puts the ASG in a different light if true

I’m not able to watch the All-Star Game this year. I’m dealing with some health issues–I’ve got a bit of an ingrown toenail. It’s going to be ok, but I could use the time to heal.

I wish MLB the best All-Star week possible, and hope Commissioner Manfred pitches a great game.


My psyche is hurting because of my recent loss so I will sit it out too. Good luck to all the All Stars, and go fuck yourself Manfred and MLB.