All-Star Game 2023

The ASG on Fox is only slightly less worse than the World Series on Fox. What a broadcasting shit show.

Cole gets hit pretty hard, but a couple of nice leaping catches at the wall save extra bases.

And holy shit the NL uniforms are awful.

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The douche show, Fuck the Dodgers.

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Filthy with Dodgers and Rangers…no thanks.

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They need to go back to letting players were their own uniforms.


I don’t mind the common uniform. And the AL doesn’t look bad. I just object to the clown suits the NL are wearing.

I was thinking the same thing earlier- I miss that.

Also, this whole red carpet stuff, and all around ASG tomfoolery is douche-tastic.


Talking to the pitcher…wtf?

I can’t think of any dark baseball pants I like. But they’re worse with a dark top than a white top.

Maybe if you would STFU and play ball, Nate…

And as a general sartorial rule, you don’t mix black and blue. Just awful.

He abused Murphy there

Diaz goes deep. 1-0 AL

Dad jeans.

At what point do people give a fuck?

I’m not watching, is the pitcher mic’d up? I actually liked that last year, talking through pitch selection, etc.

The two starters were, but no pitchers after that, I don’t think.

Eovaldi was.

The ballpark looks amazing, but the fans are obnoxious. Orbit was hilarious in the pregame parade, waving the tissue box in their faces.

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Jeans and T-shirts.