ALDS Game 2: White Sox at Astros

Back home today so now I get to find out what happens before I see it.

Yordan in LF, Brantley at DH, same batting order spots as yesterday

Chas replaces Meyers in CF, batting 8th

For fuck’s sake…why?

Because Dusty is a fucking idiot. Next question.


In his last four games, Meyers is 7 for 16 with a HR and 5 RBI. That’s earned him the bench.

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Apparently because Chas struck out twice in 2 ABs against Giolito in the middle of July

Nothing against Chas, but I don’t get it either. Hope he has a big game today.

Turn my browser on, log on to my Xfinity account getting ready for the game. Check FS1…nope. Check TBS…nope. Game is on MLB Network, which I don’t have. Guess the The Herd with Colin Cowherd is more important than an Astros playoff game.

My Friday all of the sudden feeling like a Monday.

So because McCormick has failed to make contact against Giolito, he gets the start over your hottest hitter. Dusty’s intellect is truly dizzying.


Apparently you can sign up for a free trial run and get the game today, at least that’s how I read this

Check out the tweet, good luck!

Dusty Baker is insane. Jake Meyers was a spark in yesterday’s win. He earned the right to stay in the starting lineup today. Instead, his reward is a spot on the bench.

Framber being a ground-ball specialist should have had no bearing on this decision.

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Scheduled day off for Jake.

Bold move Cotton, considering tomorrow is a travel day.

Because Dusty is a fucking baseball moron.

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By the way…the rum today is Vizcaya from DR. For Framber.

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Just checked where Giolito is from, I’m safe, no beverages from Cali on the schedule for today.

He’s definitely not insane. He’s just a fucking moron.

He’s proven it time and again, and he’ll say something stupid and folksy when Chaz strikes out 3 more times and Meyers pinch hits and gets a single, and I’ll just keep slowly moving him up my hypothetical murder list.


He just letting them take turns.

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Anyone else watching this match with a turf fire in the fireplace?


Not a good start by the booth: graphic shows Framber at 11-6…booth simultaneously tells us he’s 11-8

But…we’re not subjected to AJ Fuckzynski


Anderson…0-2…1-2…grounds out 6-3 on a nice play by Correa