ALCS game 4. Houston vs Everyone

Fuck prophecy.
Fuck fate.
Fuck everyone who isn’t us.

Houston against Everyone. Game 4. Let’s kick ass.


Fuck the Boston Globe.

Who’s your manager, dipshits?

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Fuck that, who was the first team to get busted?


I couldn’t stomach reading past the first couple sentences. Anyhow, I continue to surprise myself on a semi-daily basis. How is it that I allow myself to damn near go nuclear about the fact that we can continue to get blistered about this shit and a team like Red Sox (who also got caught cheating) can roll along like their shifty acts never happened?!?

Twice. I will never not point out that the Red Sox got caught “cheating” twice. They were repeat offenders. Fuck anyone who wants to brush that aside.

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Anybody really believe that the 2018 Red Sox were on the up and up?

Fuck the rogue employee “investigation”.

And FUCK Alex Cora.

Dumbass designed a program that was 1) ineffective and 2) not secretive.

Our pitchers knew about it.

Opposing pitchers could hear it for chrissakes.

And they kept it up.

Fucking moronic.

I couldn’t get past the Dan O’Shittyman byline.

Don’t forget it was Cora leading the charge to bang the can. Hinch didn’t like it. Cora encouraged it.

Right, and Joe-Dipshit-Buck couldn’t gush enough about the greatness of Cora last night.

I hope that article gets Astro clubhouse circulation. I’ll take a mad team tonight over one resigned to the fates


Someone write that asshole back.

I honestly don’t know why anyone still gets worked up about these reporters and their nonsense, as if there is any logic to it other than to try to get under Astros fans’ skin.

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Because otherwise we’re left contemplating our starting pitching.


Case in point…read an article today that referred to the Astros shortstop as “Alex Correa”. Idiots abound.

Altuve 4, Brantley 7, Bregman 5, Alvarez DH, Correa 6, Tucker 9, Gurriel 3, Meyers 8, Maldonado 2

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Just wanted to share the starter.

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Apparently it’s now Chas in center.

Today is the anniversary of Altuve’s walk-off of the Yanks. That’s got to be some kind of good karma, right?


At the very least, it’s a great memory.


That best not be the highlight of the night on the broadcast.