ALCS GAME 2: Red Sox at Astros

Let’s fucking go

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What’s the hold up? Drop the puck!

We open with a national anthem with less pitch accuracy than Tim Redding

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Game starts at 3:20.

When are these fuckers going to mention that at least two other teams got caught cheating, too?

They never will, they’re selling the storyline

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Never. Those two idiots have connections to those two teams, and both were PED users.

There’s a reason why Houston v everyone t shirts sell.

It’s the 2021 ALCS and the main storyline is the 2017 World Series Champion Houston Astros. Love it!


Rent free.

Either way I’m going Luis has the first really great post season game of his life.

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I honestly don’t care. Embrace the villain role and thrive in it.


Keekee is the Juan Soto of this series.

Did you know that he’s only 30 years old?

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Inauspicious start.

Top 1

Luis Garcia on the bump for the good guys


Doubles to RF (cannot fall behind 2-0)

Leadoff double for Schwarber


Blue star catch by McCormick on a flare by the hottest hitter on the planet.

Nice play, Chas

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Was Garcia not watching Framber last night?