ALCS GAME 1: Red Sox at Astros

Altuve 2B
Brantley DH
Bregman 3B
Alvarez LF
Correa SS
Tucker RF
Gurriel 1B
McCormick CF
Maldonado C

Valdez on the bump

HH-approved lineup.


Alvarez in the field, like it a lot.

No qualms with the lineup from me, either. Need good Framber to show up tonight.

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Bregman has 2 post season HR off of Sale.

Time for him to break out.

Interesting fact: each of Alex’s first 10 post season HRS were hit off of pitchers who were all stars. His 11th was in 2020 off Chris Bassitt who was not.

Bassit was an all star in 2021.

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So what you’re saying is Red Sox pitchers should all throw meatballs to Bregman if they want to be all stars next year. I’ll vote for them next year if they do


#2 off Sale was huge in Boston. I was present for #1.

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I’m pleased to report a minimal amount of Red Sox gear in the crowd. Certainly lower than regular season.


How is everyone watching / coping with this event?

I’ve been slowly but methodically drinking since 4 eastern and am about to start cleaning my house.

Strong coffee and a “California” cigarette.


It’s 9am in Seoul so coffee is first thing to kick my anxiety off.

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On the commuter bus. Relying om the GZ for the first hour or so.


I have some delta 8 gummies in the cupboard and have been thinking about it. But I feel like the stress of the game would overwhelm the gummies, and thus kind of ruin everything. Does the California cigarette work for you historically?

And then after the coffee, Matt? Is this day cleared?

I’m sitting on the back patio with a margarita and cigar.

Here we go!

Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale.

I’m going to try and watch the game for a bit but eventually I gotta go out after lunch so it’ll be Gameday after that. I imagine this will be one of those long games.

Leadoff single for Hernandez.

Along with the multiple cups of espresso it’s a tenuous balance. I don’t drink so one does what one can.

Gotcha. That not drinking part would definitely make a difference.