ALCS 2022


Houston-Cleveland > Philly-San Diego

Wrong thread, idiot

Yeah, dummy! You tell him!


How the fuck did Vic Carapazza make the postseason? He is brutally bad behind the plate.

His main qualification is that he’s not Angel Hernandez.

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It’s not like game 5 is ever critical.

Do we know who will be in the booth in the next series? Please tell me its not Costas

And so it begins

According to this, he’s the studio host for the ALCS with Brian Anderson and Franceour (and somebody else I assume) doing the broadcast.

Thank god he isn’t calling the game


Darling will be in the booth too. I hate 3 man booths. I have no idea why networks do this

Hello silence my old friend


Agreed on the 3 man booth. I like Anderson and Francoeur just fine and have nothing against Darling as an announcer, but I’m not sure what he adds.

Aaron Hicks out for the ALCS

I guess roster will get set tmw.

Any changes we need to forward to Click?

I liked the division series roster just fine.

You could maybe argue for an extra pitcher with 5 games in 5 days a possibility