AJ Hinch

Shut the fuck up.

Didn’t hear. What did he say?

The sign-steal “scandal” put a stain on baseball or something like that.

Throwing himself on the mercy of the court of public opinion. Good luck there.

You’d think he’d just want to keep his mouth shut and focus on his team.

But I have to say, I’m kind of enjoying the focus back on the 2017 World Series Champion Houston Astros. I remind people all the time that no one gives a shit who won last year, the only the thing in their lives that should matter is remembering the 2017 World Series Champion Houston Astros. I hope that team consumes peoples’ soul until the die.


Sure, there were other teams purportedly cheating, but Hinch could easily have put a stop to whatever schenanigans were happening in ‘17, instead he willfully looked the other way. Funny how he and Alex Cora somehow came out smelling somewhat ok in the aftermath, yet the Houston Astros are now the poster children for everything cheating related EVER in our society (at least that’s the sentiment all the fucking dojers fans believe here in SoCal).

Screw him for knowingly put the Houston Astros baseball club in this unnecessary spot.

Remind them that the Astros are 2017 World Series Champions. And tell them you hope it makes their children cry.


I usually do!
Still waiting for my 4Runner to get keyed with the 2017 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS Astros license plate holder on it. Been flipped off a few times.
Stay classy, dojers backers.

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