Aches Pains & Muscle Strains 2023

It was fun learning how to write, throw, and basically do everything with the other hand that you’re not used to using for those things

The worst was zipping/buttoning up jeans and buttoning buttons on shirts, because they’re all made for RH people.

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Oh my word. YES !!!

Buttoning my jeans was the worst

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I broke my thumb once. Didn’t have surgery it even go to the doctor. Took about 15 years to heal.


Well that sucks.

I see a bullpen game or two coming early in the season with guys with options getting shuffled back and forth to keep fresh arms on the MLB roster.

Two months is indeed the estimate.

I read somewhere that it was 2 months of inactivity, meaning a return to actual everyday playing is further off. Maybe that was wrong, but I don’t really expect him back before June.

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Security is going to have to be assigned to Altuve to keep him inactive that long.


Non Astros News, Rhys Hopkins down on a non-contact play today:

Hoskins hit 30 HRs last year for them. That’s a pretty serious blow if he misses much time.

Being down him and Harper? In that decision? That will make even another WC push difficult.

I am pretty sure Kyle Schwarber alone will provide all the offense the Phillies will need to return to the World Series this year. Judging by his performance last Fall…

Yordan in the lineup and LF.

Leading off. They want to get him some PAs


Hoskins with a torn ACL, will require surgery and done for the season. Ouch.

No kidding. He terrified me. The Phillies also picked up Trea Turner. They will be fine.

Could be worse …

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He was not very available in Game 1 either.


Seager pulled a hammy in Arlington.

Dropped a ball in the vacated left field corner, was digging around first thinking about going for a triple but ended up hopping into 2nd base.