Aches Pains & Muscle Strains 2023

I too have wondered if LMJ is destined for bullpen duty. Jim has a point that I tend to agree with in that he doesn’t throw hard enough for that role though, not to mention the fact that his salary in that role is well out of whack. But I guess the Astros will have to take whatever they can get if they get to that point.

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Or he could be Eric Gagne out of the bullpen.

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When guys go to the pen, they routinely add 3-5 MPH. His lack of pitch speed wouldn’t worry me in the pen

LMJ will miss the start of the season with a muscle strain. No structural damage per an MRI.

Riiiiggghhhht. Forgive my skepticism.


Yep, Mark. I think we can recognize pitcherspeak when we read it.

Hunter Brown is going to get a big opportunity to shine in the rotation early in the season. Best case scenario seems like McCullers could be ready in mid-to-late April.

No – Best case scenario is that Hunter makes us forget LMJ. Carlos who?


So the hand transplant is coming along well.

It’s discomfort, dammit

So, I’m assuming the issue with Alvarez is not the hamate bone or they would have done surgery. Has anyone ever actually said what the specific issue is?



All we know is “the doctors” did not recommend surgery over the offseason. “Didn’t need it”, Dusty said.

So, August…

Its not discomfort so he should be able to avoid amputation, beyond that its anyones guess

Not good.

Seems like Tucker is now the natural lead off man

Admittedly a lot of pressure to put on a rookie but Hensley’s profile screams leadoff to me.

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If Hensley can maintain remotely the same OB skills he’s shown, and he’s the starting 2B…?

Or Bregman?

Or Dusty can always plug Dubon in there for a couple of months