A timely Marlin' s reminder last night

Some Astros history was tied to last night’s game in Miami.

The Marlin’s pitchers “matched” the 2017 WS Astros) w/ 5 bases-loaded walks (11 hits & 13 BB, losing 1 - 11! )

Brief, encouraging, history - esp after last night…

  • (Sep 2017) After a losing 2 of 3 to Texas, they finished the home stand 4-2 after sweeping the Mets.
  • They headed into Oakland w/ a 7-game winning streaks after sweeping Seattle on the road, 86-53!!!
  • Then Oakland: They gave up 2 in the 9th, losing Game 1, and were swept (4 losses, outscored 41-15, with 25 BB given up!)

Sound familiar? (Certainly not predicting a 4-game sweep by KC!)

The good guys were 15 - 5 for the rest of the season, made the playoffs - and the WS…

Not a prediction, just perspective - at least for me.

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