A’s @ Space City, July 16, 2022

JV on the mound, hoping for a few runs.


Infield “single” on a chopper to 3B

Inning over, but JV had to work for it

More bad defense?

Tough play, but one Bregman has made.

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Altuve takes a fastball right down the center square for strike three

Peña strikes out swinging at a pitch that bounces in front of the plate.

Bregman pops up on the first pitch.

No score

So I’m becoming a fan of rosé wine in the summertime.

At least Bregman didn’t K?


Bolt with a 1-out single, moves to 2B on a wild pitch that Maldy just sort of waved at

Back to back strike outs ends the A’s second. No score.

Tucker pops up on the first pitch

Peña lines out to 2B in the shift behind 2B

Gurriel singles to LCF, Astros first baserunner

Meyers singles to LCF, Gurriel to 2B

McCormick walks to load the bases

Maldy Salami Grande!!

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Wow, Maldy!

Maldy is en fuego!

That’s the kind of production we all expect from a catcher.

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