A’s @ Astros, July 7, 2021


Two quick outs then HR. 1-0 A’s

Olson kills us.

So does Laureano. Lines out to deep RF

1-0 A’s

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Lucky for you I know some people.

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Altuve caught looking to start the Astros’ offense

Brantley with a tapper back to the mound

Gurriel with a weak bouncer to 2B

1-0 As

I hate that this herky-jerky catcher got that call. He boxed the frame then jerked it back to the zone. It was a strike, but he didn’t deserve that call at all.

Manes generally is tough on us too.

Manea has great numbers against the Astros except one: wins. He’s pretty well owned Astros hitters, but has a record of 3-6 in 16 starts.

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Garcia with a 1-2-3 second

1-0 A’s

My memory is how he is against our hitters, not W-L

6 up, 6 down so far

Astros go quietly walk on six pitches

Mine too. Just pointing out that while pitching well, he’s not had much game success against the Astros.

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Garcia walks the leadoff hitter in the 3rd

Batting .190something

Maldy, Tucker and Yuli hit him, everybody else not so much

I always liked Tony Kemp as an Astros, and he certainly brought something on the table. But he still has that giant uppercut swing. It doesn’t do him any favors.