A’s @ Astros, August 29, 2020. Game 2

Someone do some PBP

1-0 A’s after one batter

Laureano homers to the home bullpen

Oh a home run I thought they started the second game of doubleheaders with a runner on base

The newly acquired La Stella flies out F7

Chapman 3-1, 3-2, fouls, fouls, singles to right

Greinke is throwing pus at the moment. He’d better get the ball down or it’s gonna get ugly.

Canha 0-2, fouls, fouls, takes a FB inside 1-2, ball outside 2-2, fouls, Ks swinging

Greinke was looking off in to the right field foul territory and Kalas said something about him “gathering himself” and Blummer countered with 'It looks like he recognized someone he knows out there in the cut outs."

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And Greinke just bounced a pitch that got away from Machete and field mic caught it all. >GRUNT<“OHMYGOODNESS!”

Ok…that coulda been a lot worse. Let’s rattle the bats a little.

Olson takes a wp 2-2, runner to 2nd, Ks swinging

1-0 A’s

Gotta love Grienke.

Frankie Montas on the bump

Springer singles sharply up the middle

Fuck, Altuve is just a shit sandwich.

Time for Altuve to hit the bench.

Altuve takes one on each corner 0-2, takes strike 3 for a ball 1-2, Ks swinging on a FB away

Brantley grounds up the middle, ball deflects off the diving La Stella’s glove, Springer to 3rd

Yuli with runners on the corners, walks to load the bases

My Lord, Kyle Tucker is red-muthafuckin-hot.

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