A’s @ Astros, August 12, 2022


Garcia strikes out a pair in a 1-2-3 first

Whyyyyy would Yuli be 1st pitch swinging after Oller walked Altuve on 4 pitches??!!



Altuve…3-0…draws a four pitch leadoff walk
Gurriel immediately rolls into a 5-4-3 double play on the first pitch he sees…off the plate, of course

Oller has thrown 10 pitches, one strike…has two outs…

Bregman…0-2…1-2…2-2…3-2…flies out F8

No score

The A’s can’t be beaten.

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I’m only followimg along on Gameday, so this may not be applicable to the last at bat, but interesting piece about why Bregman seems to have improved a bit in the last few weeks. He recognizes that opening his front hip early is not good.

Do they over perform against us, or do we underperform against them?



Murphy with a leadoff walk
Pinder grounds into 5-4-3 double play
Machín singles to CF…1-2 fastball right down the middle
Bride doubles off the LF wall, comes off the wall, bounces over Diaz’s head and he to chase it down back towards the infield as Machín comes around to score. Terrible play by Diaz
Stevenson…3-0…3-1…3-2…foul…singles to RF, Bride to 3B as Stevenson rounds 2B…Yuli cuts it off, fires to Peña who chases Stevenson down before Bride crosses the plate. Score it 9-3-6

1-0 A’s

I am going to have to go on a long walk very soon. This has all the earmarks of another shitshow performance against the A’s.

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Now they’ve gone back and changed the ruling on the last play of T2…say Bride scored. Replay shows he didn’t. Not sure why no challenge.

It’s 2-0

Gameday had it 2-0, then changed to 1-0 and it’s still there.


Tucker singles to LCF on the first pitch
Diaz grounds into 6-4-3 double play
Peña singles to LF
Vázquez pops out F6

1-0 A’s

Yeah, Gameday is still showing 2-0, but it should be 1-0. They got it right on TV. It should be 1-0

I wonder why the A’s don’t use the Astros as collateral to build a new stadium?

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A slower LFer would have never run that close to the wall.

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Nice play by Yuli.

He’s in for his offense.

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Garcia is a mess.

New catcher.

Hunter Brown, stay by the phone.

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