A’s @ Astros, 5/20/23: Altuve Strikes Back

2b Altuve
3b Bregman
LF Alvarez
1b Abreu
RF Tucker
SS Peña
CF McCormick
DH Julks
C Maldonado

P Brown

Crazy reverse splits via Tags:

Righties are hitting .305 with an .816 OPS vs. Hunter Brown while lefties are hitting just .183 with a .571 OPS.

Top 1

Ruiz K looking
Noda K swinging on appeal
Rooker lines a single to RF
Langeliers K swinging

Mid 1, 0-0

Leadoff double for Altuve! WooHoo!

Damn we got a wide zone today.

Good ol’ Mark Carlson…

He’s missed 10 pitches already. Badly.

I said it the other day and I’ll say it again. The umpiring behind the plate is as bad as I’ve ever seen it.

Wtf, Abreu?

He was guarding against the shin ball, rightly assuming it would be called a strike.

At what point do you move the lowest OPS on the team out of the cleanup spot?


It should have happened long ago, but Dusty will never do it.

Bases juiced, two out for Julks…

That was awful Julks

End of one…2-0 Astros

Bot 1:

Altuve laces a double into the LF gap for his first hit of 2023
Bregman gets boned on strike one a mile inside. 3-1 is a strike inside. 3-2 is a bloop single that moves Altuve to third.
Yordan smokes a sac fly to deep CF, Bregman holds. 1-0 Astros
Abreu strikes out looking at a 2-2 slider
Bregman steals 2b on 0-2
Tucker lines a single up the middle, Bregman scores. 2-0 Astros
Peña smacks one the other way, runners on the corners
McCormick walks on 3-1 to load the bases
Julks strikes out swinging 0-2

8 men to the plate, 37 pitches, 2-0 Astros

Top 2

Peterson K looking
Laureano easy grounder 4-3
Holy crap, Laureano is the most experienced layer on the A’s
Bleday grounds into a soft 5-3

Mid 2, Astros 2-0

Laureano is more experienced than Kemp?

Just going off what the radio says but you would be correct

Jose, what are you looking for?