A’s @ Astros, 15 July 2022

I wonder if this lineup would average around two runs per game during an entire 162 game season.

Are we rounding up?

Probably closer to 2 runs per series.

No worries! Odorizzi will throw a no hitter…
(aka Let the kids play.)

Not exactly Murderer’s Row.

2012-ass lineup

2012 team won 55 games.

Pretty good chance against a team on pace for 54 wins.

Is anyone going to be here to do PBP?

No. Tonight’s edition will be a series of reactions, void of context, interspersed with colorful excoriations of the HPU by Mark.

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Let’s see if anyone can spell Matijevic…


It’s go time.

Are you kidding me?


Fight Fight Fight.


I’m delivering Pizzas

Will have short spurts of time but not enough to do PBP

And I’m sitting here with nothing?

It’s got two zeroes in it.

Do you all really call it that? If so, that’s hilarious.

Urquidy pitching. I’m here, what happened to Odorizzi

Oh, look at that! I am “watching” via Gameday. Maybe somebody listening to the radio or watching the broadcast can let us know.