A.J. Hinch

This month the Tigers have won series’ from Cincinnati, Tampa Bay and Milwaukee. They also split another series with Tampa Bay and won their first game last night against the White Sox.

Preseason PECOTA projections had them at 67-95. Dan Szymborski called them “clearly the worst team in the AL Central.”

They are 73-78.

He’s the best manager I’ve ever followed.


They are a player or two away from making some noise in the American League. I hate that we let him go.

Just think what he could do with the present Houston team.

Good manager, sure, but he signed his own termination papers by not stopping shenanigans he knew were wrong.


And they have a gaping hole at SS.

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74-78, and have taken a series from the Pale Hose.

I wish we could have kept him. I suppose we’ll never know really the whole story about '17–in fact it is strange just how little we know of the lives of these teams whose wins and losses mean so much to us–but I sure wish we could have kept him.



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Purely speculation but I could certainly see Carlos and JV both signing with Detroit in the off season.

Wouldn’t be a surprise at all. Heck if Mike Ilitch were still around it would be almost inevitable.

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