A bit of personal good news

The Alcalde, the UT Ex-Students magazine, will publish The 27th Out in its May/June issue.


That’s fantastic! Congrats!

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The last few weeks have been pretty unbelievable for me. A guy named Forrest Preece writes stories on people with West Austin ties for the West Austin News, a local paper with limited circulation. I went to Austin High, he thinks my life is interesting, and he is doing a two-part story on me. In the course of interviewing me about my life experiences for part one, he read The 27th Out and sent it to the Editor of The Alcalde who is his friend and who is Stephen Harrigan’s daughter. She read it and emailed me today to ask me if I will agree to publication. HA! Part two in the West Austin News will be about the UH game.

Completely unreal and was out of the freaking blue. I am both flattered and astonished at this good fortune.


That’s awesome.

You read it here first, folks!

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That’s awesome, Jim. I no longer get Alcalde but I’ll find a way to get my hands on that issue.
That Stephen Harrigan guy gets around!.


I’m looking forward to it, that’s awesome Jim

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That’s fanfreakingtastic, Coach/Jim!!
Great to hear some good news for once.

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Thanks, John and all, for the kind words and good wishes.

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I sold Forrest Preece a house in south Austin around 1980 that he wanted for rental property. I bought the house brand new a couple of years earlier. It had been a model home and came with landscaping and appliances and I was relocating to Dallas and couldn’t sell it. It got me out of a heck of a jam. Maybe this is his son?

This Forrest is McCallum Class of 1964, so 75 years old. He and his wife live in a downtown condo now.

I am fearful The 27th Out may be too much baseball for the person assigned to edit it for publication. I expected the need for more conciseness because of a word count limit, and I can do that sort of editing easily. She has suggested rewrites and additional human interest details in her first comments, and I will refuse to change the substance even if it means no publication. I explained to her this is a story of a game, not about me.

We will see what happens. She definitely is not a baseball fan.

Just now seeing this post. Great news, JimR Coach! So loved “The 27th Out” when I first read it about 5 years ago.

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