7/21 Astros @ Kansas City (Preseason)

Springer up 2-1 against Glenn Sparkman, takes high, ball 3. Way inside, leadoff walk.

Astros lineup today:
Stubbs DH
Altuve takes one on the inside corner. Up, 1-1. Pickoff, not close. Fouled straight down and off Altuve’s leg. 1-2, that was a pitch to hit. Slapped hard to right field, RF plays it on a hop and it takes a wild hop away from Phillips, Springer flying around the bases and scores, Altuve to 2nd on the wild hop.

1-0 Astros. No RBI for Altuve.

Bregman takes a breaking ball for strike 1. Ugly swing, strike 2. 0-2 pitch. Fouls back a cookie. Breaker right down the middle Bregman lines it to center, right at the CF. Altuve tags and beats the throw to 3rd.
Runner on 3rd, 1 out.

Uncle Mike takes one up and out. Breaker right above the knees, 1-1. Up and out, 2-1. RIPPED just foul down the RF line, 2-2. Saws him off, Brantley grounds easily to the drawn in 1st baseman, 3U. Altuve holds.

2 outs.

Gurriel takes low. Check swing strike off the outside corner, 1-1. Cookie right down the middle Gurriel rips it, CF makes the catch 2 steps in front of the track.

3 outs.

Sparkman is throwing fucking puss.

Bottom 1:
Royals Lineup
Cordero (DH)
Witt Jr.

Mejia leads it off against… Pressly will be the Astros starter. Apparently there is rain the area and they want him to get some work.

Strike one on a fastball. Fouls back a slider, quickly 0-2. Outside corner, sit down meat. boom boom boom.

1 out.

Gordon nasty slider at the knees, 0-1. Slider just low. Slider ripped foul. Heater just off the outside corner that Gordon checks, but went. PONCHE!

2 outs.

McBroom takes strike 1 on the knees. Swings through a slider, strike 2. Just inside, ball 1. Chopper to SS, 6-3 easy.

3 outs.

Top 2: 1-0 Astros.

Correa chopper to SS, 6-3.

1 out.

Reddick takes just high, strike 1. Ball 1, low. Upper, 2-1.

Devo whipping it good in the bullpen currently.

Belt high heater, fouled back 2-2.

Dusty is wearing a “Baker Family Wines” mask today. What the fuck?

Up, ball 3. Count is full. Announcers are shocked that Reddick cut his year. Way up, takes a walk.

Runner on 1st, 1 out.

Garneau up now. Apparently the Royals are the only team in the MLB that scouts based on character and not just stats. Takes a strike right down the pipe. Reddick apparently used to use Careless Whisper as his walk up song back in the day. Garneau lines a single between SS and 3rd base, 1st and 2nd, one out.

Stubby checks his swing on a pitch right down the middle, strike 1. Right at the knees, ball one. Their catcher boxed the shit out of that breaking ball, 1-1. This broadcast crew had a great 4 innings yesterday, and has fallen off a fucking cliff since then. Jesus Christ, SHUT UP. Slider right down the middle, Stubbs fouls it back. Man, Sparkman is catching SO MUCH of the plate with most of his pitches. Fouled back fastball at the top of the zone, 1-2. Chases out of the zone, strike 3.

2 outs, runners on 1st and 2nd.

Springer takes ball one, in. In, ball 2. Swings out of his shoes on an outside corner fastball, misses it, 2-1. Swings through a 93 mph fastball at the belt, 2-2. Check swing foul ball on a bottom of the zone slider, stays alive. Low, 3-2. Runners on the move, ball outside. Not close. Loaded up for the lil’ guy.

And here comes Mike Matheny to make a change.

Jorge Lopez in, who apparently has scuffled so far this preseason. Altuve takes a slider just up and in. Up in the zone, called a strike. Higher than the last ball… ok. 1-1. Not sure what you’re waiting for, Jose. Takes a fast ball down the pipe right above the knees. 1-2. Bounced, 2-2. WAY up and in, Altuve ducks out of the way, 3-2. Everyone moving now, and… it hit him? It looked like it hit the knob of the bat, but apparently not? Nope, it hit his forearm. RBI HBP.

2-0 Astros

Bregman takes a breaking ball on the outside corner. Catcher misses the pitcher entirely, but the infield was backing him up, 0-1. Thigh high heater, fouled off. Lays off a bouncer, 1-2. Fouls off a heater on the outside corner. Nicks Bregman’s jersey way inside, another RBI.

3-0 Astros.

Brantley hits a sharp grounder in to the shift, 4-3 to end the inning.

3-0 Astros
Mid 2.

Bottom 2:


Devo on to pitch.

Cordero takes one right down the pipe, strike 1. Check swing on a slider, 0-2. Just gets a piece of a COD. High heat, ball 1. SWING AND A MISS on a nasty COD that ended at the ankles. Naaaaasty.

1 out.

Starling takes a ball outside. Low and outside, 2-0. Swings at a fastball out, 2-1. Fouled back, 2-2. COD at the thighs on the inside corner, freezes ol’ Bubba. PONCHE!

2 outs.

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