6/8 Astros @ Blue Jays

Astros up 2-0 in the top of the third.

However, Julks just PH for Alvarez, which probably is not great news.

Rome just tweeted that Alvarez is not in the dugout.

Hopefully it’s just some sort of illness….er…stomach discomfort.

Saw it pointed out that he had some issues last year with some asthma (which is spelled incredibly stupidly) after fireworks at maybe Atlanta? The air quality in Canada is shit due to the wildfires, so hopefully that’s it.

Kiermaier also out of the game after a HBP earlier. Was hit on the wrist and tried to stay in the game but has now been removed.

TV reporting that, after his first AB, he was just hanging out in the dugout looking at the iPad and not in any form of distress.

Right oblique discomfort


McBraggart as the source.

Hopefully, it’s as mild as Altuve’s was. Oblique issues can linger if not properly treated.

I think the Astros’ oblique outlook is unclear.

Gameday says Framber is getting squeeze-fucked by the HPU.

Framber got proper fucked

Yes, somewhat. But he’s also missing the zone a lot as well.

He’s really struggling to throw his breaking stuff for strikes this inning.

No matter what the reason, gifting a talented offense three baserunners in an inning is never a good thing.


Jesus Framber, maybe just a little bit of awareness once on a ground ball back to you?

Go home, Framber, Go home

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Holy cow what a terrible read by Jake

And Jake fucks up even worse.

Fucking embarrassing.

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Stupid fucking self inflicted shit this entire inning.

Go to fucking home plate.


Once again - bad defense isn’t just errors.


That’s the worst OF read I’ve seen since Canseco bounced one off his head