3rd inning, Dodgers at Rox

With Turner on first, Bellinger hits a deep fly to left. The ball is in and out of the glove and over the fence. Turner, freaking out, runs back to first. Bellinger sees it clear the wall and starts trotting. He and Turner pass. They’re both called out. I’ve never seen this and am watching without commentary, but it went from a two-run shot to a DP.

Turner still scored on the play, so it’s an rbi single. Baseball.

Wow, I get it. OK. The Rockies broadcast didn’t catch that run for a few more batters, and they showed two outs. Weird!

Not something anybody would ever anticipate but I THINK they made the correct ruling. Where’s HH or Mark?

Yes, that’s the correct ruling. When a trailing runner passes a preceding runner, the trailing runner is out. The preceding runner advances at his own risk.

Note: this is not an appeal. The umpire calls it immediately.

This has happened numerous times in big league games. There is a famous example of this in the 92 World Series where Deion Sanders was the lead runner who retreated back to the 2B bag and was passed by Terry Pendleton. It almost ended up a triple play.

It’s the “Turner scoring” part that has me confused, as he was headed back to 1st. I guess they’re saying that he was past second when the ball came out of the glove and rolled over the fence and out of the park, effectively becoming a rule-book double at that point, and he got two bases from where he was. I guess.

Pretty impressive DP by Rox there to end the top of the 7th.

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It was a home run. Both would have scored had Turner not retreated. Turner scores, Bellinger is credited with a single.