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I don’t disagree, but that would have to be negotiated.

And I suspect the harsher the sting the happier MLB is. They want offense above all else.

How would you win an appeal? The umps sent the glove to the league office. They agreed it is too sticky. Intent doesn’t matter. Why it is sticky doesn’t matter. There is no objective scale for what is too sticky you can appeal to. There is no way to win an appeal.


Well there should be an actual line of either rosin is ok or it isn’t. Since MLB allows a rosin bag on the field, it should be ok to use it. They can test these things and find out if it is just rosin/sweat or if other stuff is in there. If just rosin and sweat, ejection but no suspension, if other stuff mixed in, suspension. I don’t see where this should even be hard to do. It shouldn’t be just automatic 10 game suspension because the umpires decided it was too sticky.

Being suspensed for using something that is literally ON THE FIELD for every game is fucking dumb.


One of the nuances is that rosin is only ok on the pitching arm.

Espada referenced that in his postgame remarks.

So even if it is just rosin and sweat, the fact it isn’t on his pitching arm means he’s toast.

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I’m not really sure how one has it on the pitching arm/hand and doesn’t get it on the glove. Unless you have an infielder take your glove off for you, your pitching hand is going to get some on your glove. All the rules around this are far too gimmicky.

Also two umpire crews are responsible for about 80% of these ejections. So either those two crews are too strict or all the other crews are not enforcing the rule.

Like, I get that tye rule is the rule. But the rule and the discipline that results, are completely nonsensical in my opinion.


I heard Espada say that, but I haven’t seen anything in the actual rules to back that up.

In fact, there are rules and comments suggesting that what Espada said is wrong. For example, comment to Rule 6.02(d), says that “A pitcher may use the rosin bag for the purpose of applying rosin to his bare hand or hands,” which seems to suggests that applying rosin to the non-throwing hand is permitted.

That same comment goes on to say that the pitcher cannot “apply rosin from the bag to his glove,” which is closer to Blanco’s situation, but doesn’t seem like a neat fit either–he wasn’t out on the mound dusting his glove with the rosin bag, and nobody ever said they witnessed him like furtively rosining up his glove in the dugout.

And honestly, shouldn’t it only matter if the rosin makes its way onto a baseball? Like if he’s taking off his glove and rubbing up every ball he gets? I’d have to check the tape, but I didn’t notice anything like that going on.


Setting aside the merits of an appeal, getting Blanco a little extra rest isn’t the worst idea. It’s easy to forget just how many innings he’s on pace to shoulder this year compared to the past few seasons.


Bielak to the A’s for cash

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I bet they got 2 or 3 thousand dollars, maybe even more.

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They gave us cash, which is just as good as money.


Which always makes me think of:


Explain, brain!

I was going for Yogi Berra’s AFLAC commercial

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Shawn Dubin pitched 3 good innings last night, got the save, and got optioned to AAA. The downside of giving your team innings is they need a fresh arm afterward.

Parker Mushinski called up in his place.

I am reading that Yordan may have a wrist issue he has been trying to play through.

No idea who the person or how connected he is. Maybe he is just some yahoo with no connection to the team, like me.