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Then what does Singleton look like?


AAAA player

I suspect that that will be the most polite and restrained answer to that question that we will see here.

I was stuck last night when Singleton was up with the bases loaded and they mentioned his history with the bases loaded that included one grand slam - hit in 2014. I thought how cool it would be if he had Grand Slams a decade apart. Alas, it didn’t happen.


If Loperfido keeps hitting in AAA, I can’t imagine him not getting the call to replace Singleton in the near future. Singleton was a nice story last year, but he’s just not good enough to be on an MLB roster.

He’s not good enough to be a backup for the A’s, much less a playoff contender.

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It’s a small sample size, but as Duman pointed out in the Bus Ride Loperfido had 10 strikeouts in his first 21 AB’s (admittedly, six of them came in one game).

He’s definitely an intriguing prospect, though, and I will be ecstatic if/when he replaces Singleton.

That’s why I said Singleton should not be on a MLB roster.

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Loperfido certainly has development to do, but the Astros need decent options behind Jose Abreu unless Abreu finds his form from the end of last season and the postseason. If Loperfido keeps hitting in AAA, and Abreu doesn’t dramatically improve, I can’t imagine Loperfido not getting the call in the near future.

I am very excited about Loperfido’s future.

But even in his “great” spring, he K’d 32% of his PAs.

last year his K rate jumped from 22% in AA to 33% in AAA.

He needs more time in AAA and then probably some adjustment time in MLB also.

Remember that Singleton KILLED AAA last year (1.138 OPS for Sugar Land) and only had a 23% K rate.

AAA numbers don’t always translate

And even great players sometimes need adjustment time and MLB PAs before they are good (Kyle Tucker, anyone)


I really think the front office was hoping for Cabbage to push Singleton. That didn’t happen this spring. So far in SL, he is 2 for 16 with no extra base hits. He has walked 6 times and stolen 4 bases… but has K’d 10 times.


IMO Loperfido needs to play every day. I don’t see that happening in Houston at this time.

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The Astros optioned LHP Parker Mushinski to Triple A Sugar Land…to take his place on the active roster, Houston reinstated RHP J.P. France from the paternity list…RHP Miguel Díaz also reported to the club today…he will wear jersey number 39.

Did Coleman go down for Diaz?


Brandon Belt is sitting out there unsigned…

Would he have any interest in Houston on a 1-year deal as a Singleton replacement & quasi-platoon with Abreu?

Would the Astros have any interest? Does this idea make any sense?

The thing I don’t like about Belt is he’s a strikeout machine. He struck out 41% of the time last year. So he’s not an option for me.

One player I like, whom I mentioned here in the offseason and he’s still unsigned, is Donovan Solano. No real power. Just 5 home runs last year for the Twins, but he plays first and third and is a strong bat to ball guy. Hit .282 last year for Minnesota and is a career .279 hitter with a 20% strikeout rate. He’s a much better bench option than Singleton and has the ability to play third.

I don’t understand why he’s sitting at home, but there must be a reason?? He is older at age 36 but his numbers last year were more than respectable. The Twins didn’t resign him because they were reducing payroll.

But the 26th guy on the bench isn’t the problem with this team. The star players do not hit when needed and the bullpen is a dumpster fire.


The problem isn’t the 26th guy, it’s the cleanup hitter. If he doesn’t produce, waive 80 wins goodbye. I’m tired of the arguments that “Player X is just a slow starter”. I really don’t want to have to watch this team be 15-43 on June 1st.

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“Player X” is not making much of a case for an extension.


No, he’s not. I think it was on the Apple broadcast during the Yankees series where Rosenthal said he didn’t think there was any way he doesn’t make it to free agency. I can’t remember now if it was WAR or another stat, but Rosenthal pointed out that he is one of the top 10 players in the game over whatever period he was referring. The implication being he thinks he’s in line for a big pay day.

He’s great defensively. No one can dispute that. If he’s not over there, it’s going to be darn near impossible to replicate what he does there. And we don’t have a major league ready player at that position. But at the plate, he’s an enigma for me, and overall, just not worth what I think he’s gonna want. On paper his AAV is $20M and I wouldn’t go a penny over that with the next offer. Anything more than 5 @ $100M is an overpay for me because I think I’d rather pay Tucker. I advocated trading him before last season on here and wasn’t well received. He’s loved here and I get it. But if this appears to still be a middling or worse team by mid May and he’s performing better, I’d move him for at least one if not two major league ready pieces….if I could get that.

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