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For his career, he has averaged 1.23 hits per game. If he keeps that pace up (unlikely) it would take an average of 129 games a year to get 159 hits.

The last three years, he has averaged 1.16 hits per game. At that pace, he would need to average 137 games per year to get 159.

Other milestones he is approaching:
500 doubles - needs to average 17 per season
300 HR - needs to average 15 per season
300 stolen bases - needs to average 2 a season
1000 RBI - needs to average 43 per season
1500 Runs scored - needs to average 73 per season.

The 3000 hits is the most challenging one the reach.

If he manages to hit all of those milestones, he will have accomplished something no second baseman has ever done before. The closest is Craig Biggio. Here are Biggio’s numbers in those categories.

  • Hits: 3,060
  • Doubles: 668
  • Home Runs: 291
  • Stolen Bases: 414
  • Runs Scored: 1,844
  • RBI: 1,175

Pulling for Altuve to stay healthy.


Oooh, that’s tough. Lots of those infield hits or bang-bang plays will start to tail of in the last couple of years. Really puts into perspective Biggio’s accomplishment.

Keep in mind that is comparing what Biggio accomplished in 21 years to what Altuve might in 19 years.


Don’t forget that Biggio finished his career (age 40 & 41 seasons) with one year contracts. I would not be surprised to see Altuve also do that if he is close to the records.

ETA - Biggio’s accomplishments are very impressive - especially when coupled with his positional versatility


Biggio added the cherry on top in my eyes when he signed here instead of Colorado (corrected, thanks). It was by my reckoning the first time an Astros FA genuinely took less to re-sign here.


I thought it was Colorado that offered him more.


It was.

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And if I remember correctly Bagwell was somewhat vocal prior to, stating the club’s retention of Biggio would be a sterling factor on him staying or leaving when he became a FA. So if Bidge rolls out to COL, maybe Bagwell leaves a year or two later as well.

Snell is a jerk but …

Tell that to ALCS game 6, 8th inning.

For those who have forgotten:

Astros down 2.1 out. The Rangers pitcher had just walked Tucker on 5 pitches to load the bases.

My 11 year old grandson knows you have to take a strike there (especially if you are a light hitting contact hitter)

He swings and misses ball one ankle high in the other batter box.

He swings and misses ball 2 in the same spot

He swings at ball 3 in the same spot and hits a weak liner to SS

I would say that Dubon would not have had that at bat in the ALCS had he not have had a very good season and helped keep the team going, especially while Altuve was injured early in the year. 1 bad at bat in the playoffs doesn’t tell the whole story.


Dubon did end up having a great regular season and was huge while Altuve was hurt.

But Dusty benching Meyers in favor of him when JV joined the team was just plain ridiculous.

Who knows what the results would have been without that decision. We do know that Dubon had a .586 OPS in the ALCS while Jake was not on the roster.

Astros leaders on July 30th 2023

OBP: Meyers 6th, Dubon 10th
SLG: Meyers 7th, Dubon 9th
ISO: Meyers 7th, Dubon 12th
wOBA: Meyers 7th, Dubon 11th
wRC+: Meyers 7th, Dubon 11th
fWAR: Meyers 5th, Dubon 9th

Fangraphs Defensive value: Meyers 1st (+6), Dubon 3rd (+2.5)

So let’s bench Meyers and play Dubon the rest of the season

Kyle Tucker had a .521 OPS. Dubon wasn’t the reason the team lost the ALCS.


One at bat. You could point out one terrible at bat from any player, Jose Altuve included. You know better than this.

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The Astros lost the ALCS because Framber Valdez shat himself like an infant drinking coffee and eating Indian food.


One of the more interesting descriptions I’ve read. I’m having trouble shaking the image.

Hudson showed up to camp in midseason form


I can’t dispute that one, lol.

I’m just saying benching Meyers to give Dubon a place to play at that time was questionable and things could have been different.