2024 NFL Playoffs

Now that the Texans are out of it, we should probably just talk about who’s left.

I’m rooting for the Bucs today, of course, but I will root for the winner of that game to win it all. I really like this Lions team, and if it’s not the Bucs, I hope it’s them.

Of course, I’m also rooting for the Bills today. Because they’re playing the Chiefs.

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I’m rooting for the Bucs.

As a guy who used to get needled for wearing an orangesickle Mark Contney jersey as a kid. . .

Go Bucs

(I’m not optimistic though)

Detroit and Buffalo

Yeah, I got to go with Detroit and Buffalo too.


I have nothing against the Chiefs but am rooting for this Super Bowl.

Although the last “cursed franchise” championship was Indians-Cubs in 2016, and things went sideways real quickly after that.

Maybe next year the Texans will replicate the Astros feat.

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We’ve got a ballgame in Detroit.

Mike Evans is a smooth dude.

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Unbelievable ball spotting. How is the league getting away with this?

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After 1993, I wish nothing but misery and hell for the Bills and their fans.

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They really need to fix this, and it’s pretty easy. Don’t need to fix all the shitty spots, just the meaningful ones. It shouldn’t cause much of a delay either.

How can you not even try to block Hutchinson on a pass play?

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The Bucs clearly had a first down on a completed pass and they marked the ball three full yards short of where he was down. It was unbelievable. They didn’t just miss the spot, it was mind boggling egregious.

And how does Mayfield not see him. He’s looking right at Hutchinson.

This Bucs offensive line makes the Texans’ look like the Seven Blocks of Granite.

Lions now just running away with this one.

They are pretty impressive.

Playing better than SF did yesterday.

Hope it’s a great game next week.

The Lions are better than the 49ers.

Man, Mayfield misses a lot of wide open throws.

Bucs ain’t dead yet. They have more fight than the Texans did last night.