2023 Season


So all teams play each other next season. I’d like to travel to at least one away series, though three of my most ideal trips - St Louis, Baltimore, and Colorado - are midweek series.

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Yordan has passed every test there is playing left field.

I think for 2023 he should be considered a left fielder who is the DH a couple of days per week.

Not a DH who plays LF a couple of days per week.

I would love to see him play LF vs 75-80% of RH pitchers and DH him the rest of the time.

Chas could play LF vs LH pitching.

One hole filled for 2023.

Baltimore is definitely worth the trip. The game experience at Camden Yards is excellent.


Camden Yards is my favorite of the parks I have seen, but I liked Cincinnati and SF really well also.