2023 MiLB Transactions

Astros really loading up on lefties so far this offseason (some of this previously noted in other threads)…

LHP Max Roberts – rule 5 minor league phase pickup from the Mariners. Originally 7th rounder in '17 out of juco. 25 year old listed at 6’6" 190 lbs. One of 10 guys identified by Baseball America after the draft as “potential high value selections”. 3 pitch mix says BA–riding 4-seam FB in low 90s, splitter and depth CB. Control issues.

LHP Bryan King – rule 5 minor league phase pickup from the Cubs. 26 year old listed at 6’1" 184 lbs. Originally 30th rounder in '19 out of McNeese State. Reached AA in '22. Control issues.

RHP Manuel Urias – rule 5 minor league phase pickup from the Phillies. 21 year old listed at 6’6" 200 lbs. Signed out of Mexico back in '18. 207 Ks vs just 35 BBs in 218 career IP. Excepting 4.2 IP in low-A in '22, all of his innings have come in the complex leagues. FB per FG last year said to sit just 88 but does have a good CU. 0.88 WHIP in the Mexican Winter League this offseason in 22.2 innings.

LHP Luis Rodriguez – rule 5 minor league phase pickup from the Cubs. 23 year old listed at 6’1" 190 lbs. Signed out of Mexico back in '17. Sky high whiff total in '22 with low-A Myrtle Beach but sky high walk total too (106 vs 51 in 69 IP).

LHP Bryan Sammons – signed to minor league deal Jan. 18th after being released by Twins last September. 28 year old listed at 6’4" 235 lbs. 8th rounder back in '17. Lots of walks last 2 seasons (79 in 157.2 IP) while also surrendering lots of homers (38).


Boy, the Astros really like their pitching Bryans. Is Bryan King still in the org as well?


Jose Alberto Rivera released. Great velocity; no command. Injured off and on over past two years. Has certainly not figured prominently in future plans.

A slew of transactions today and yesterday, but I think this forum has died. MiLB.com has transactions listed by team, and you can choose any team then get all affiliated transactions in one list. I’ll just read them silently to myself.


Thanks for pointing us to the transactions. Here is the link for the Astros affiliates

Nice to see Kenedy Corona homer in his first game in CC.

Also Heribert Garcia is the 23 year old brother of Luis. He has pitched 4 years in the Royals org and was released in August of 2022. He has the same wind up his brother used before this year.

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Moving’ on up.

The Hooks put CF Jordan Brewer on the IL and promoted Joey Loperfido to take his place. Loperfido, a 2021 7th-round pick, is a well-regarded prospect. He spent most of last year in Fayetteville, playing 1B, 2B, LF & CF (and s few games in RF). He was slashing .265/.297/.529 before the promotion. He started yesterday at 1B and went 1/4 with a K and a BB in his AA debut.

Loperfido was replaced on the Tourists’ roster by Kobe Keto. He is listed at 2B, but has played more LF this year for Fayetteville. He was a 2021 13th-rounder and missed all of 2022 due to injury.

To replace Kato, the Woodpeckers added Ricardo Balogh. Listed at SS on the transaction page and signed out of the DR in 2019, he played mostly 1B and 3B last year for the FCL Orange squad. His 25% whiff rate and relatively low walk totals do not scream “prospect”, but I guess it is time for him to see what he can do at a higher level.


A good read!

Justin Williams moving up to Asheville. As last year, he is splitting time between 2B & 3B.

Love the way he got the news

Apparently Freudis Nova has retired.

There will be lots of “I thought that guy was gonna be a player” posts over the next few weeks as the Astros weed out the pretenders to make room for the draftees.

Sad and hopeful at the same time.


I noticed that too – one of those “thought that guy was gonna be a player” comments you mention. I have been following his ups and downs since he hit the BA Top 5 in 2018 (just behind JB Bukauskas and ahead of such notables as Jorge Alcala and JD Davis). He never really grew into his expected power, and even though he played mostly SS this year, it seems like he did grow out of that. Missing 2020 probably did him no favors either.

ETA - Numbers 1, 2 & 3 that year were Whitley, Tucker & Alvarez.

Andujar Cedeno

A ton of fresh new MiLB free agents as of yesterday. No real shockers, though I did think Angel Macuare showed promise. He was slowed by injuries this year. Of course, he and some others might be added back to fill out rosters.

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