2023 Fayetteville Woodpeckers (Lo A)

I noticed that Deury Carrasco was listed as a pitcher. Here is a nice view of his stuff.

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He did pitch in one game in 2021 for one inning - 1 H/3BB/0K 2ER and a hit batter.

Might be what one could call an undistinguished inning.

It was two years ago as a position player. But yeah, control might be an issue.

Sean Clifford enjoying a nice little start to the season. In 32 AB:

.375 AVG, 1.056 OPS (.556 OBP/.500 SLG), 1 HR, 11 R, 8 RBI

He also has 10 BB against 11 SO.

Sean’s brother, Ryan, is doing pretty well too.


Thanks for catching that. Not sure why in the hell I wrote Sean instead of Ryan.

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Because Sean has been the quarterback of Penn State since forever and get’s talked about every year.

Funny because it’s true.

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New arrival Ricardo Balogh gets his first start tonight 1B).


Nice!! Of the college pitchers drafted, I thought Andrew Taylor would be the fastest riser. But Dombroski and Nolan DeVos have had some really nice outings this year. Hope that continues.


Memorial Day check in with the Woodpeckers to see who is making some noise.

Ryan Clifford has already been promoted to Asheville. The 19 year old dominated the Carolina League hitting .337/.488/.457. He struck out 27 times in 121 plate appearances but also walked 25 times! He is struggling to get his footing at Asheville but to be not quite 20 and be in High A is pretty impressive.

As a team, the Woodpeckers are having a hard time finding good wood. As a team, they are hitting just .212.

Troy Dombroski is showing improvement on the mound. In 39 2/3 IP this season, he has struck out 56 batters while walking 15. He has shown improvement from April to May. In May he increased his strike out total from 26 to 30 while dropping the number of walks from 9 to 6. Again, hard contact is the thing to watch. He has only giving up 32 hits this season but 15 have gone for extra bases (5 2B, 4 3B, 6 HR).

There is not too much to separate the other pitchers number wise, but Nathan Devos is another pitcher to keep an eye on. Despite a less than stellar outing last time out, Devos has put up solid numbers thus far - 49 Ks in 33 1/3 IP with 19 walks. In 134 plate appearances, he has given up just 20 hits and only 5 extra base hits.

Finally, let’s not forget about converted infielder Deury Carrasco. Thus far in 13 2/3 IP he has surrendered 14 hits (2 2B are the only extra base hits - lots of singles). He has struck out 18 batters and walked just 4. He is strictly pitching out of the pen at this time.


Jackson Loftin stole 2nd, 3rd & home this afternoon. If he could figure out how to steal 1st he might become a prospect.

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Luis Baez is going to be a really interesting prospect to watch next season

If he’s still here after the deadline.

Hey, he’s up 20 points from last year. Progress right?

Don’t you put that evil on me, Ricky Bobby.

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Ran across this now-dated article on Loftin – seems to be some hope there.

That would be a Bagwell for reliever, or Yordan for reliever trade.

No thank you.