2023 ALDS Game 2: Twins @ Astros, October 8, 2023

yes please.

Middle of two…3-0 Twins

Time to go to work

Only 24 outs left to work with

Got to 0-2 on four batters that inning, but still took 22 pitches to get out of the innimg.

No time to feel sorry for ourselves - just focus on getting a lot of runs tonight to make this shaky start palatable. Pick up your teammate, Framber!

And giving up two runs.

Including a HR to a guy who was 0 for his career in the post season.

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Get Urquidy in there. Framber doesnt have shit.

If the Astros hitters are going to handle every fat pitch this guy throws, it’s gonna be a quick game.

You fucking cheesedicks. Don’t show the umpire cam mid at bat. Fucking Christ.

Astros go quickly and quietly

3-0 after two

It’s the 3rd fucking inning, get the fuck over it.

The crowd is as dead as the bats. Would be nice if the team gave them something to cheer for

I love cheesesteaks

Negative energy

Framber has to bear down and hold them at 3.

This guy is throwing a lot of center cut bullshit, the offense should score some runs off him 2nd time through.

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Nothing so far

Hold ‘em there and you have a chance. But that’s a must.

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The bunt single by Tuv has been our highlight

Allow me to rephrase - PENNNNAAA